Fortnite hosted a concert!

More than 12 million players logged in for a 15 minute concert featuring Travis Scott last week as detailed here. This great article from Forbes looks at how businesses should learn from this example and explore new Go To Market strategies in times like these. I like to think that we are a disruptive business and would relish the opportunity of working on something similar for one of our partners. Let’s talk!

32 YouTubers play Rock, Paper, Scissors! 

YouTuber MrBeast helped raise $1million for charity amid the coronavirus pandemic with a stunning rock, paper, scissors tournament. The star joined forces with 32 fellow creators including legendary actor Jack Black in a 3 hour game. If you want a who’s who of global YouTube check out all of the names in this list!

TikTok hits 2 billion downloads!

I’ve documented the growth of TikTok in this newsletter before, but this social app has now reached a staggering 2 billion downloads globally. Before the coronavirus pandemic, it was predominantly favoured by teenagers, but since lockdown its boomed with an estimated one in three Brits using it. And it’s also testing a shop now button! More on that soon…

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