Have you joined Houseparty yet?

Whilst not a totally new app, the lockdown has seen Houseparty rocket to be the most talked about social platform, and not just amongst kids, but by their parents too! It’s success lies in it’s simplicity, and the ability to play games with your friends such as trivia and quick draw. Learn about it here and download it now!

YouTubers say #stayhome

More than 100 YouTube stars have recorded a video message urging their fans to “stay home” during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re looking for a quick who’s who of the YouTube world check out this video which features many of the UK’s most famous stars. The video has already received 2m views in the first 15 hours.

Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons for Kids

In the space of a week social media influencer Joe Wicks broke the internet amassing a huge audience of more than 1 million kids per day watching and taking part in his live streamed PE lessons! The phenomenon is a great example of the speed in which social media influencers can have a nationwide effect on our lives. You can read about how to view him here.

School lessons on YouTube!

Last week I shared information about YouTube’s Learn@Home, This week I’d recommend the Study Tube Project in which 18 of the biggest studytubers from across the UK are working together to post a YouTube video every day at 6pm that offers a taster of a new subject matter or opportunity for learning.

Good influence

For me, these 3 articles, in addition to all of the fun superstar hand washing demonstration videos, illustrate the power of good influence. Influencers are a great way to create a meaningful purpose for a conversation with your customers and a product to exist on the shelf. Please speak to The Social Store to explore how we can develop a good influence initiative for you.