Lessons from China

The Harvard Business Review has details of how Chinese companies responded to the Coronavirus. In particular, person-to-person and bricks-and-mortar retail were severely restricted in affected regions. Agile Chinese enterprises rapidly redeployed sales efforts to new channels both in B2C and B2B enterprises.

Forecasting the impact

This great article from eMarketer explores what could happen to businesses. From a media perspective, it’s almost certain that social platforms popular among young people like TikTok and YouTube will see a boost as kids and teens spend more time indoors, and in particular if school closures spread further.

Using Social Media

Brands should focus on adding value to their customers’ lives (outside of COVID-19) on social media during this time. I recommend leaning into your brands values and purpose in your content, and spending more time than usual engaging with your followers. People never forget how you make them feel.

Influencer content

Now is also a great time to trade traditional production shoots for influencer marketing, as the content can be created fairly independently, anywhere and at anytime.